Our Menu



» Macchiato from white asparagus and red pepperberrys 6,90€

» Essence from parma tomato with ravioli and asparagus 7,90€

» Soup with beef, vegetables and pancake stripes 6,90€



» Six snails in whiskybutter and gorgonzola 9,90€

» Six snails in housemade herbebutter 8,90€

» Carpaccio from US-Beef with balsamic vinaigrette, arugula and parmesan cheese 11,90€

» Spanish chili-garlic-shrimps with olives, pimientos and baguette 10,90€

» Caramelized goat cheese with syrup, pinenuts, salad and baguette 10,90€


Main Dishes

» ‚Eifeler Schnitzel‘ (pork meat) with mushroom-sauce, french fries and fresh salad 15,90€

» Corona Roastbeef from Argentina with cognac-pepper-sauce, french fries and fresh salad 23,90€

» ‚Wiener Schnitzel‘ (breaded veal) with roasted potatoes, cranberries and fresh salad 19,80€

» Mediterranean mix of grilled fish with salmon, pike-perch, red mullet, shellfish and shrimps, vegetables and baked potatoes 24,90€

» Irish rack of lamb with herbecrust and fried mushrooms, leek and Lyoner potatoes 24,90€

» Big spanish salad with chorrizo, goat cheese, shrimps, olives and baguette 16,90€

» Big salad with salmon, shrimps and baguette 16,90€


For Kids

» Housemade Bolognese with tagliarini and parmesan cheese 8,90€

» ‚Schnitzel‘ (pork meat) with french fries, salad, ketchup & mayonnaise 8,90€

– after that a scoop of vanilla ice cream



» Our sweet little surprise 5,90€

» Amarena cup (vanilla icecream, Amarena-cherries and cream) 6,90€

» Baileys cup (vanilla icecream with Baileys, fresh fruits and chocolate cream) 6,90€

» Tarte with apples and vanilla icecream 8,90€

» Mango sorbet with Gin 8,90€

» Baked apperlings with cinnamon, sugar and vanilla ice-cream and fresh fruits 8,80€